Are you seeking greater alignment, agility and clarity?

Human and Machine offers transformative coaching to help companies implement the product way of working.


The product operating model

Top tech companies manage to continuously innovate and stay head of competitions because they are able to remove blockers in moving from strategy to actions. Human and Machine transformative product coaching programme is designed to improve insights and interconnectivity by instilling the product mindset across product teams and stakeholders.

Improve decision making, insights and connectivity 

Product coaching focuses on creating high performing mindset and governance to remove blocker and get the good work done.


For Individual

From achieving Product-Market Fit to defining your vision and strategy, I provide the expertise to elevate your potential, cultivate a thriving product culture, and set the stage for long-term success.

For Scale Up

Unlock your team's full potential by mastering clear communication, aligning on outcomes, and leveraging advanced methodologies and tools to rapidly deliver exceptional value and accelerate your success journey.

For Corporation

I specialize in navigating the challenges of fostering innovation, breaking down silos and accelerating internal initiatives. 

Working with leaders, founders and investors in scaling up business around the world:

My name is Dario D'Aprile.
Before founding Human and Machine, I spent more than 15 years as product leader for National Geographic, Adobe and many tech scale-ups. I worked on products that today are used by more than a billion people worldwide.

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