The Product Mindset is the set of believes that are necessary for organisations to thrive in the digital world, it provides a shared experience that connects people at every level of an organization and allows them to communicate and make data-driven decisions.

The Product Mindset is a collection of characteristics and principles, which guide leaders and teams to build digital products that drive outcomes:

Characteristics describe the qualities that are fundamental to digital products.

Principles guide our thinking and point the way.


The Product Must Be Self-Funding:
A successful product generates revenue and support that fuels the business and justifies further investment.

The Product Must Be Chosen:
Success requires that someone choose your product, use it, share it, and keep using it as new competitors enter the market and new customer problems emerge.

The Product Is Never Done:
Customer needs change, markets and regulations change, and new competitors appear all the time. Successful products stay ahead of the change.


Minimise Time to Value:
Value exists in the hands of customers. Put the smallest solution to their biggest problems in their hands, monetise it, and learn what to do next.

Solve for Need:
Being chosen means understanding the customer and anticipating and meeting their needs today and tomorrow.

Excel at Change:
Know when to change course, hold fast, let go, and have the tools to do it smoothly.