Human and Machine is a non-conformist, management and leadership consultancy pioneering new practices in tech.

We unlock potential for leaders, teams and organisation that want to embrace Product Mindset.

How we help:

Human and Machine focuses on making business growth actually happen by creating mindset programmes that drive deeper learning and systemic changes.

Upscale your execution with new mechanisms and reinforcements

Move faster with product leadership and autonomous teams

Streamline decision-making across product discovery and delivery

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Grow into a product-driven business, by developing and empowering cross-functional product teams.

We promise strategy without PowerPoint.

The problem with the modern manifestation of strategy is that it is the same analytical exercise where lots and lots of stuff is analysed and put together into a PowerPoint that rarely gets executed.

Human and Machine brings new ways to think by designing strategies that are a creative act for everyone involved in the business. Our strategy is challenging and fun, push people logic and intuition and unlock surprising results.

Human-centred and business focus

Combines analytical rigour and creativity

Outcome-based and tangible

Social-act and inclusive

We think human to deliver scalable technology.

Product leadership in action:




Systemic models for innovation, digital transformation and product development backed by cognitive science and developed with accelerators and startups.

Reviews and word of mouth:

"Human and Machine excels in improving cross-functional product teams performances. Together, we reconnected our culture with our process and roadmap."

Tom, Founder & CEO

"Human and Machine is so impactful because they genuinely take the time to deeply understand the companies with which they work. This is rare. As a result, the work they produced immediately resonated with the business and presented a fresh perspective."

James, Founder & CEO

"If you're looking for someone to articulate your product strategy from that dark corner of your mind, look no further. Human and Machine will help you establish the feedback loops that are critical for every growing company."

Rimond, Founder & CEO

"With Human and Machine's help, we were able to take our experience, ideas and learnings and distil them down into a set of clear actions."

Robert, Co-Founder & CEO

Phases of the journey together:

Identify opportunities

Articulate choices

Measure results

Increase the likelihood to win now and into the future with a new set of choice to face uncertainty.

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The human network:

Dario D'Aprile- Owner

Dario believes the ingredient for a great business is the product-centric mindset.

Prior to consulting, Dario spent over 12 years of his career building digital propositions, product teams and practices inside startups and corporations including National Geographic and Adobe.

Dario has a proven track record with three startup exits, worldwide distribution and exponential growth of over a billion users.

He is a TEDx speaker, mentor for UK and EU accelerators and received over 20 international awards.


Valeria Leonardi- Business Advisor

Valeria is a successful entrepreneur with CEO and COO experience who has been consulting and supporting companies in their growth comfortable advising across the board on operations and structure, got to market and partnerships strategies and fundraising.


Jon Webb
- Technology Advisor

Gianandrea Minneci
- AI Advisor

Michele Gasparoli
- Design Advisor

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