Scaling up without screwing up

Human and Machine provides product management services to help leaders and organizations to accelerate growth by delivering value and creating high performing work culture.

Accelerate decision making with product thinking

We believe that value acceleration results from continuous flow from discovery to delivery in a continuous loop with rapid learning cycles. We partner with our clients to design and embed agility in their operating models. 


Chief Product Officer as a service

The fractional CPO package gives rigour, direction and expertise in scaling your business fast, without the cost or delay involved with hiring a full-time chief product officer. 

A fractional CPO might be what you need if:

Product Management Consultancy

The product management consultancy provides situation-specific service which is guaranteed to deliver successful. 

The consultancy maximises the value of your product with proven expertise: 

Executive & Leadership Coaching

The coaching enables to build a resilient and accountable organisation that scales faster. Coaching empowers leaders and product teams to level up. 

Working with leaders, founders and investors in scaling up business around the world:

Reviews and word of mouth:

"Dario excels in improving cross-functional product teams performances. Together, we reconnected our culture with our process and roadmap."

Mark Sullivan, VP Product Management

"Human and Machine is so impactful because they genuinely take the time to deeply understand the companies with which they work. This is rare. As a result, the work they produced immediately resonated with the business and presented a fresh perspective."

Jemma Lee, Founder and CEO

"If you're looking for someone to articulate your product strategy from that dark corner of your mind, look no further. Dario will help you establish the feedback loops that are critical for every growing company."

Daniela Abasolo, Group CTO

"With Dario's help, I was able to take my experience, ideas and learnings and distil them down into a set of clear actions."

Robert Gustav, Product Manager

Hi, my name is Dario D'Aprile.
Before founding Human and Machine, I spent more than twelve years as product leader for National Geographic, Adobe and many tech scale-ups. I worked on products that today are used by more than a billion people worldwide.

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