Excellence in software development comes from mastery human skills

Human and Machine delivers coaching programmes to stop playing small and grow into a remarkable leader

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Leadership coaching for managers, founders, teams in product and tech.

Loving technical product skills and methodologies but realising they are becoming ubiquitous?
It’s time to develop an "inside-out" approach, to
boost collaboration, decision-making and leadership. Empower your mind, be true to yourself and achieve what is really possible


For founders, product and technology executives, entrepreneurs.

Leadership Coaching is provided by a certified Transformational Coach that undergoes continuous supervision, peer review and training.

The typical engagement is fortnightly, with 1:1 session over 3-6 months. Included in the programme: 24X7 support, access to leaders peers group and free initial introductory session of two hours.


For cross functional team, product, design or engineer teams.

Team Coaching programme is led by an experienced industry practitioner who introduces and draws on group dynamics theories, organisation development and group coaching models.

Team members learn to have an open dialogue in a psychologically safe environment and to work constructively on business challenges.


Embedded bespoken intervention to accelerate change and delivery value at maximum speed. The programme is provided by 15+ years experience Product Management Expert.

A typical engagement is intensive full time over 3 to 12 weekly sprints. Covering end-to-end strategy and execution. Tailor-made for the specific stage of the lifecycle: market-fit, growth and optimisation.


Minimise time to value, solve real customer needs and excel at change are the core principles of the product mindset.
Instilling product mindset is a cultural shift from top to bottom with leadership buy-in as the first thumb rule. Scientific researches have proven the benefits of this approach focused on thinking and working for a quicker business outcomes.

Designing psychometric tools to assess product mindset and progress over time.

We are passionate about product deliverables, roadmaps, strategy frameworks, agile models, OKRs and ai technology but we believe that in the long run, it is personal development that unlocks business potential and growth.

Grow product people, grow business
Build engaged & high performing product teams by enabling coaching mindset inside the organisation


Building, communicating, and executing a product strategy. Understand and sequence different types of product work while increasing your influence and gaining confidence as a product leader.


The art and science of shipping products at scale. Beautifully orchestrate teams as you validate ideas, scope projects, and hit deadlines while building exceptional products.


Develop high-performing teams and your own leadership style. Avoid micromanagement and create a winning culture that improves individual and group performance.


You will spend the rest of your career making decisions based on customer feedback. "Talking to users" isn't enough. Learn to carefully scope your decision and use qualitative and quantitative research to build better products.


Build a foundational understanding of the product manager role, and learn the tools and strategies to succeed as a product manager.


Level up your product management abilities by mastering critical product management tools. Learn to identify and execute on high leverage work that generates disproportionate product returns.


Get the set of believes that are necessary for organisations to thrive in the digital world, connect people at every level of an organization and allows them to communicate and make data-driven decisions.


Gain critical growth tools to help your company traverse the next leg of its growth journey. This program is perfect for busy founders who are looking to learn from people who have overcome similar growth-stage challenges.

Working with accelerators, startups and organisations across the world.

Reviews and word of mouth:

"Human and Machine excels in improving cross-functional product teams performances. Together, we reconnected our culture with our process and roadmap."

Tom, Founder & CEO

"Human and Machine is so impactful because they genuinely take the time to deeply understand the companies with which they work. This is rare. As a result, the work they produced immediately resonated with the business and presented a fresh perspective."

James, Founder & CEO

"If you're looking for someone to articulate your product strategy from that dark corner of your mind, look no further. Human and Machine will help you establish the feedback loops that are critical for every growing company."

Rimond, Founder & CEO

"With Human and Machine's help, we were able to take our experience, ideas and learnings and distil them down into a set of clear actions."

Robert, Co-Founder & CEO

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