Product Mindset

Coaching & Consulting

Helping software companies move faster by embracing the next level thinking

Learn skills and build habits to:

Run product experimentation

Effectively asses assumptions, conduct customer interviews, test prototypes, analyse datas in a way that leads to valuable and reliable insights.

Collaborate cross-functionally

Collaborate as a cross-functional team, gain empowerment and share accountability for progress and product outcomes.

Use decision making tools

Turn learning into action by using product management tools. Develop critical thinking to better connect the dots between insights and product decisions.

Services for Corporations, Scaleups and Incubators


We offer workshops for companies who want to explore or test new ideas. The workshops include topics such as outcome-driven innovation, lean startup, org design, design sprint, product discovery, prioritisation, business model, product mental model, product toolkit and experiment design.

Team and 1-on-1 Coaching

We use coaching as a way to build self-awareness and instil product-centric behaviours as continuous customer validation and prioritisation. Teams often get stuck after acquiring basic product management principles, so it is beneficial to have an experienced coach guide them through the process. We design personal training and help develop outstanding product leadership skills.

Keynote Talks

We provide inspirational keynote talks for public and private events. Talks focus on innovation, experimentation and leadership.

Product Leadership Support

We take leadership assignments to scale the product organisations. Providing joined-up execution for hiring designers and product managers, designing product teams, creating product strategy and roadmaps, building processes and standards across product prioritisation, agile development and lifecycle management.

Located in London and working with clients globally

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