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Human and Machine is a specialised growth and transformation consultancy focusing exclusively on product-led methodologies and effective decision making

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Accelerate decision making

Human and Machine takes individuals and teams from @#%! to clarity through the power of conscious and fast decisions. Our simple principle is that better decisions naturally produce better results.

All our programmes are lean, tailor made and collaborative. They are crossing coaching, organisational development and product management to bring growth in a matter of weeks and not years.


Decide and Deliver
Great organizations know how to make great decisions quickly and execute them effectively. They don’t spend too much (or too little) effort in the process. They have consistently high performance, year in and year out. They know how to minimise time to value, solve real customer needs and excel at change.

Growth leader
1:1 leadership coaching for founders, product managers and executives who are looking to learn from people who have overcome similar challenges. Improve communication patterns, achieve peak performances, identify leadership strength, unlock self and legacy.

Data driven management
Assess opportunity for data competitive advantage, evaluate AI models and get the data structure right. Learn by doing to use data for creating strategic roadmaps and build products and services.

Working with accelerators, startups and organisations across the world

Reviews and word of mouth:

"Human and Machine excels in improving cross-functional product teams performances. Together, we reconnected our culture with our process and roadmap."

Tom, Founder & CEO

"Human and Machine is so impactful because they genuinely take the time to deeply understand the companies with which they work. This is rare. As a result, the work they produced immediately resonated with the business and presented a fresh perspective."

James, Founder & CEO

"If you're looking for someone to articulate your product strategy from that dark corner of your mind, look no further. Human and Machine will help you establish the feedback loops that are critical for every growing company."

Rimond, Founder & CEO

"With Human and Machine's help, we were able to take our experience, ideas and learnings and distil them down into a set of clear actions."

Robert, Co-Founder & CEO

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